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Forever Bury Meeting – 19th December 2019, 7.30pm

Tonight’s meeting has been arranged for Forever Bury to update fans on progress to date and present Mr Robert Benwell to explain his proposal of ground acquisition at the point that liquidation is initiated at Bury FC.

From correspondence provided by the board of Forever Bury, it is clear that endorsement of Mr. Benwell has already been granted. Volunteers from the Phoenix Club that were co-opted into positions within Forever Bury have indicated that the fans should have a voice on something so important to the future direction of Bury’s football club. This meeting has been arranged as a result of this request.

Within the time allowed since the meeting was launched, volunteers within the Phoenix Club have been consulted on questions that we believe Mr. Benwell should have robust answers for at this stage and trust that these answers help the supporter base form their opinion on the proposition offered.

We owe it to all of us (the fans) to provide a level of transparency that has been so severely lacking within our club. Proposed ownership changes now, quite rightly, heighten all of our feelings – such has the devastation that has occurred to our club and the resultant fallout across our fanbase in recent seasons.

We hope these questions will be asked directly to Mr. Benwell this evening. Failing this, we intend to forward these onto Forever Bury to ensure that these questions are answered in full and communicated to the fanbase in as short a timescale as possible following this meeting.

We understand the continued emotive and passionate feelings within our fanbase as time passes. This is a democratic process in action, and we feel it right to urge all supporters to be reasoned and constructive in tonight’s meeting, respecting each other’s views and letting as many contribute as possible.

Bury Phoenix Club / Bury AFC

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